An important investigation.

It’s a known fact that dessert is the best time of the day. After a delicious and enormous meal is complete, then comes the sweet treat. It’s been that way for,  we are pretty sure, tens of thousands of years. In fact, some desserts have transcended time and have been around since the dawn of man. We’d like to highlight some of those treats below.

Just when you thought you’d had every dessert on the menu of life, from cupcakes to eclairs to strudels, here comes a list just begging to be discovered. Why settle for less, when there are so many desserts out there?

1) Nettle Pudding

Sometimes, we’ve found that the thing that looks the weirdest tastes the best.  That's the case with Nettle Pudding, or flowers and grains mixed together for a sloppy good time. Based on the look of this, it appears to be something cavemen would have enjoyed thousands of years ago. But maybe that’s just us. 

2) Loukoumades

The Greek treat known as Loukoumades are essentially little balls of fried dough drizzled in honey and showered in cinnamon, which is a combo we can definitely get behind. When you are eating dessert, why limit yourself to just one or two, when you could have a dozen?! These remind us of Dunkin Donuts munchkins, except Roman gladiators were [probably] eating them after battle.

3)  Frumenty

Besides being a hilarious word, "Frumenty" was a popular porridge-like dish in medieval times. If this is something our ancient ancestors loved as a treat then it’s worth seeking out. FLAN likes to imagine the cavemen would plop a bowl of Frumenty down on their stone table for their family to feast on for dessert.

4) Kheer

Kheer, a rice pudding dish, dates all the way back to 400 BC, which is a really long time ago. We’ve never met a pudding we didn’t like, so in many ways we say bring on the kheer! Anything that involves rosewater is good in our book and the crushed almonds are a nice finishing touch. 

5) Noah's Pudding

This crazy ass old dessert consists of grains, dried fruits, and nuts. We don’t know who this Noah guy is, but he sounds crazy! The craisins on top alongside the walnuts really add a nice crunch to the milky soft texture. What a crazy-sounding dish. We want one after our next dinner party. Chef’s kiss!