Cakes Found In A Cookbook From 1900

A FLAN deep dive into some of the oldest cake recipes in existence.

Everyone loves dessert, sure. But, no one loves dessert as much as Team FLAN. It’s always on our minds. When we were thinking of desserts that have never let us down, cake was right there at the top of the list. There is no better time than the present to bake yourself the cake of a lifetime!


Everyone knows birthday cakes and wedding cakes, and, while good, those are, and we’re sorry to say it, boring. There are infinite cakes out there, old and new, and no one is stopping you from trying every last one. 


To find you, our loyal FLAN enthusiasts, the most unique and slept on types of cakes in the world, we found an old dusty cookbook from 1900 called DESSERTS: A Dessert For Every Day Of The Year to highlight the nuttiest-sounding and looking ones that we’d like to try ourselves…


Lemon cake is delicious, we’re sure everyone can all agree on that. We think what sets this iteration aside is the layering aspect. The version from the book in 1900 tells us to add one “teaspoonful of hot milk” which you can’t argue with we suppose. A teaspoonful of hot milk is a remedy to almost all of life’s problems, to be fair.


Hey, it’s that fun cake from that block party you went to when you were three years old! This recipe has apparently been around for a while, and the people in 1900 enjoyed it with chlorophyll, which we will most certainly not be adding. Or will we?


This looks sort of like the little cakes they sell at the checkout at Brooklyn bodegas! Don’t forget the delicious confectioner’s sugar to bring it all together.. The one from our Ye Ole Cookbook tells us to fill the middle with raspberry jam, which sounds delicious and something that all cakes should do, always.


This one is reminiscent of a shortcake. And why not spice up the space with a little berry flavor from one of our favorite fruits in the world?! Strawberry of course. (FLAN released a capsule dedicated entirely to strawberries in 2018, so you know the love is real. ) 


Technically, it’s important to remember that pancakes are just flat cakes made in a pan. In 1900, apparently such a dish was served “dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar,” which we still have today. Some things don’t need to change.