Cranberry Brie Biscuit Dip


  • 1 (12.3-oz) round brie cheese, at room temperature
  • 1/4 c. cranberry sauce
  • 1/4 c. shredded white cheddar
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Drizzle of honey for garnish

For The Biscuits:

  • 1 (16.3-oz.) can refrigerated biscuits
  • 2 tbsp. butter, melted
  • 1 tbsp. freshly chopped parsley
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper


1. Preheat oven to 375°F.

2. Cut biscuits in half and roll into balls.

3. In a small bowl, stir together melted butter and fresh parsley.

4. Place biscuits in a ring around the edge of a medium skillet and brush with butter.

5. Season with salt and pepper.

6. Place brie in the center of the biscuits and use a paring knife to remove the top rind.

7. Bake until brie is melty, 8 to 10 minutes.

8. Add cranberry sauce and cheddar to melted Brie and gently fold to combine.

9. Smooth the cheese mixture into an even layer and top with rosemary.

10. Return to oven to melt cheddar, 5 to 7 minutes more.

11. Drizzle with honey and serve hot.